Vibrant home-office makeover

Hi Everyone! I'm back with another room makeover. This week I am revealing my vibrant home-office makeover full of upcycles to make it more budget-friendly. With the pandemic changing the way most people work, it's more important than ever to set up a workspace that is functional and fosters productivity. My purpose for this blog is to give you'll ideas to set up your own workspaces without having to spend too much.

Before the pandemic, we rarely worked from home, so our home office was pretty much just a bunch of mismatched furniture we had thrown together.


Here is the home office after the makeover. If you compare the before and after looks, you will notice that I have upcycled a lot of the elements from the original room to keep the makeover budget-friendly.

Project #1 - Paint

The room was originally a dark brownish beige that was making it look very drab. To brighten up the room, I repainted it with a very light beige that instantly lifted the mood of the room. I also wanted an accent wall to delineate the home office from the rest of the room, which is a bedroom. I decided to try to work with a bunch of leftover paints from other makeovers, so I mixed different shades of blues, blacks, and whites I had lying around until I achieved a pretty shade of blue. I wanted to add some texture to this wall so I decided to color-wash it to mimic the look of waves in an ocean. To do this you dip one half of your brush in the blue paint, and the other half in white paint and move in a crisscross fashion across the wall. I will add a link here to a video tutorial for this technique.

Project#2 - Desk upcycle

I have been obsessed with the concrete look for a while now, and I knew it would be perfect for this room. The desks in this space were in good shape, so I decided to use a coat of inexpensive textured white concrete to give them a modern look. I then topped it off with a sheet of acrylic to give it a flat worktop. Since a desk is a very functional piece of furniture, it needs to be prepped well before applying the concrete and also needs to be sealed well to make it resistant to wear and tear. I will put up a detailed tutorial for this desk makeover soon.

Desk with textured concrete (Without acrylic sheet)

Project #3 - Whiteboard upcycle

I wanted to keep our old whiteboard in this office space, but it stuck out like a sore thumb after the makeover. My solution to this dilemma was to upcycle the old whiteboard with an inexpensive Ikea frame and leftover pieces of stair risers from my entryway makeover. Detailed tutorial for the whiteboard upcycle coming soon!

Project #4 - Décor

I added a few pieces of décor such as a pegboard, and a corkboard that would be useful in an office. A lot of the décor pieces on the desk such as the plate on the pegboard and the palm tree wood carving are pieces I have picked up during various vacations. In addition to adding to the décor, they are tiny little mood boosters because they remind you of happy times. I added a small crate to double up as storage for stationery and also as décor with some small faux plants. Although not technically décor, I should mention the black and white striped chair was also an upcycle. It is an old Ikea chair that my cats decided was a scratching post, so I just reupholstered it with some new fabric using a staple gun.

With this home office makeover, I was able to achieve my two goals for the space, namely convert this space to a two-person work area from a single workspace and make it more vibrant.

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