Quick DIY boot tray hack

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

Entryways are often neglected during home renovations but they are an integral part of the house. The entryway gives people the first impression of your house when they walk in. I live in Massachusetts where we get a fair amount of snow which results in ugly winter boots lying around in dirty puddles of snow water in our entryway. This is not the first impression I want to make!

The easiest solution I could find for this problem is a boot tray, but the common ones you find in most stores are cheap plastic ones. They serve the purpose but I wanted something a little prettier and more in line with the 'peaceful and zen' sort of theme I was going for in the entryway.

This project is an extremely simple one and I have seen some similar ones on Pinterest with different types of trays and filler materials. So if this one doesn't suit your home lookup boot trays on Pinterest for a lot of other creative ideas.

I decided to go with a cheap plastic boot tray since I was planning to cover it up mostly. There are several such cheap plastic boot trays on Amazon.

I ordered some river rocks off Amazon. I like these since they have a nice shine and a good mix of colors. The river rocks gave off the kind of peaceful vibe I was hoping for.

If you don't have pets or kids that would try to eat the rocks, you could get away with just pouring the rocks into the tray which would make this a 5-minute project.

My family however includes a 60-pound Labrador mix with zero self-preservation instinct. This puppy will put anything and everything in her mouth. So I put on some music, poured myself some wine, and spent 2 hours gluing down rocks to the tray using a hot glue gun. This has held up so far for me but if you think you need something stronger I would go with some industrial level glue like E6000.

This is the boot tray in my entryway.

I think it goes really well with our décor. This boot tray was a smart part of a much bigger entryway makeover. Stay tuned for this more in-depth entryway makeover blog!

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