Luxurious Master Bedroom Makeover

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Hi Guys! It's time for a new makeover blog! This time I am back with my Master Bedroom makeover. Let's get right to it!

So here is the 'before' picture of our bedroom. The room had a good layout, but the tiles and the blue walls looked very outdated.


Here is the bedroom after the completed makeover with my very own canine celebrity Ella modeling for us. :) :)


First off, here is the general mood board for this room. The main colors I wanted to incorporate here were light colors like gray and white. This helps make the room seem brighter since this bedroom is in the lower part of our split level house and does not often get a lot of light in the winters. To bring in some color, I added accents of blue and dark metallic gold. To offset all the light colors, we added a dark wood floor.

Project#1: Flooring

The tiles in this room had a dirty blueish-green hue which made the room look dull. So the first project we took on was updating the tiles. Since completely removing the old floor was beyond our DIY skill level, we decided to go with luxury vinyl tiles instead that could be installed over the existing flooring. The exact tile we used is an interlocking luxury vinyl tile called Choice Oak by Lifeproof but you can get a whole selection of these tiles in any hardware store or online now. I have researched a lot of these tiles so here are the basic takeaways of what I learned.

1. Stay away from the peel and stick vinyl tiles! I have not been able to find a single brand yet where people did not complain of the tiles lifting after a few months of use. If you have to buy these, it is safest to buy some flooring glue like this one so that the tiles bond better.

2. You can get a range of thicknesses in these tiles. If possible use a thicker tile since these give a more luxurious feel and are more durable. We went a 6mm thickness.

3. Invest in a good tile cutter. Most tile companies will advertise these tiles as being soft enough to cut with a utility knife. If you buy a thick luxury tile as we did, you will struggle with a utility knife! We learned this the hard way after spending several days hunched over tiles trying to score them with a utility knife. I will put an example of a good one below. These can be a little pricey but they are worth the money.

4. Also, if you are using the interlocking tiles, invest in a good tile installation kit like the one below. It should contain spacers, a pull bar, a tapping block, and a mallet.

While this is a pretty elaborate project and required a lot of time and elbow grease, at approximately 3$ per square feet, this was way more cost-efficient than hiring a contractor to redo the floors. If this is your first time working with these tiles, I would recommend looking up instructional videos online to figure out the pattern you want to use while installing them.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

Project #2: Paint

As we saw on the mood board, the major colors we used in this room were Gray, Blue, and White. We painted the beadboard Extra White by Sherwin Williams in semi-gloss. Not only does the gloss make it easier to clean, but it also reflects the light and makes the room look brighter. I generally tend to go with high gloss on all window frames, beadboards, and trims. For the walls, we went with Light French Gray by Sherwin Williams in an eggshell finish. Lastly, for that splash of rich color, we used Honorable blue by Sherwin Williams for an accent wall above the bed frame.

Project #3: Gold accents

To add a luxurious feel to the bedroom, I decided to add some dark metallic gold accents. I found these lovely gold tree-stub end tables at HomeGoods that brought it the rich gold I was looking for. Also, I used gold contact paper to update some our existing furniture like the dresser, lamp and mirror. If you are interested in knowing more about the makeovers with the contact paper, the details of the dresser makeover can be found on this blog and the details for the lamp can be found here.

Project #4: Decor

To tie up the entire makeover, we brought in some decor pieces such as a white shag rug, some jute bins from Ikea, a carved wall art piece, and some faux plants. One piece of decor that brought the room to life was the painting above the bed. This piece tied most of the hues on the mood board so well that I had to bring it into this space.

I will leave you with some more images of the room after the completed makeover. Hope you enjoyed reading this blog and got some inspiration to create your dream bedroom!

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