High-end makeover for a $1 lamp

On my last trip to the local Dollar Tree, I came across this beautiful black Sunbeam lamp for just 1$. How they can sell a lamp + bulb for 1$ is beyond me but hey that's the Dollar Store for you.

Image credits: Amazon

My DIY brain started spinning as soon as I saw these beauties and I knew they were the perfect blank canvas that could be customized to fit any home. So I brought them home and stared at them for a while until inspiration struck. I decided a black and gold theme would work well with these lamps.

I found these black and gold lampshades by Fenchelshades that served as my inspiration for this hack.

For the gold part of this hack, I went back to my trusty Very Berry Sticker peel and stick wallpaper that I also used in this Ikea Malm hack.

So let's get into the DIY now. Here is the lampshade before and after I had applied the wallpaper on the inside of the drum. I would recommend using a textured wallpaper like this one so that you can easily blend little pieces of the wallpaper over the first layer in case you make a mistake.

I also added a strip of the same gold wallpaper to the base of the lamp.

At this point, I had completed my original idea for this hack. Here is what it looked like. It looked nice but did not blow my mind as I had originally hoped.

Back I went to the drawing board and decided to work on the lampshade from the outside too. I cut little strips of the gold wallpaper and started to randomly put them onto the shade and came up with this final look which I absolutely love!

Here is the lamp in our bedroom. I just love how it complements our gold side table perfectly.

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