Entryway makeover

For the last two weeks I have been teasing you'll with sneak peeks into some of the DIY projects that went into my entryway makeover - A 5 minute river rock boot tray hack and Pampas Grass décor. Its finally time for the big reveal! Drumroll please....Here is the complete entryway makeover!


Our house has a split entry i.e. the main entryway landing is between two flights of stairs, one leading to the bottom floor and one to the top floor. Here are some images of our entryway before I started working on it.

Project #1: Stair risers and treads

Let's start with the project that I believe made the biggest impact - Stair risers. As you can see in the before images, our stairs were perfectly functional and didn't really need any structural work. The stair risers however were just painted white which was a little boring. An affordable way to revamp the stair risers would be to paint them. However, I went the more expensive but easier route and bought peel and stick vinyl stickers. The design I picked was a bohemian print from a smaller seller that I will link here but you can find a whole host of companies making these much cheaper on Amazon.

I wanted something that contrasts the warmth of the wood so the black and white colors of this print were perfect! Also, if you plan on going the peel and stick route, measure your stairs risers. If they are anything like mine, not all the stairs will be the exact same dimensions. The easiest way to do this project if they are uneven, is to buy risers that are slightly larger. Apply them by peeling off the backing on one end and use a credit card or squeegee to remove any air bubbles as you stick them down. Once you have them all stuck, go around with an Xacto knife trimming off the excess.

Since I added so much print with the stair risers, I decided to go with simple black stair treads to avoid making it too overwhelming.

Project #2 : Décor

The next step was the décor. This is always the fun part in all projects since it brings the room to life. I decided to go with an entryway bench that had storage for shoes and added some coat hooks. Both of these items were purchased at HomeGoods.

You could also do just a bench without storage for a more minimal look. I will put some options in varying styles and price points that caught my eye below.

Besides the entryway bench, I also added a boot tray that I DIY'ed. The complete tutorial can be found here.

Project #3: Landing décor

The landing at the top of the stairs looked very bare so I decided to add some art. The art above the console table is a family heirloom. It is a water color painted by my grandfather. Using this as an anchor, I then brought in an entryway console table and other décor such as a faux plant and the Buddha idol. There are so many different options when it comes to entryway furniture. You can go for an entryway table if you want just a decorative piece. I wanted mine to double up as storage too so I went for a cabinet.

While I was clicking these pictures, my fur babies decided they needed to be in them. So here are some more pictures of the same area with two of my fur babies modeling. Incase you didn't spot it already, the picture with my cat was taken after I added Pampas grass to the entryway!

Coming back to the décor, I was not able to find the exact piece I bought online anymore but I will put links below to some similar ones.

So here is the final look for the entryway. I absolutely love how it turned out!

Disclaimer: As an Amazon affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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