Easy Pampas Grass Décor

I'm back with another quick DIY that is part of the entryway makeover series I started last week with this easy boot tray hack. This week I will be showing you how to create easy pampas grass décor.

So what is pampas grass you may ask? It is a tall grass that can grow up to 6-10 feet. All the big brand stores like Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, etc. sell their artificial versions of this plant and you can even find cheaper versions on Amazon like this one. Pampas grass originated in South America and is considered an invasive species in North America, which means I was lucky enough to find it growing in the woods around my house in no-mans-land so I could gather a few stems. Another option is buying it from a local garden center since they are available as an ornamental plant. But I meander, let us get back to the DIY.

Pampas Grass growing near my street

Once you have sourced your grass, the next step is preserving it. The first step of the process is drying the Pampas grass. For this, you need to put in a dark, dry place such as a basement or shed and let it dry out untouched for 2-3 weeks. A lot of people suggest hanging them upside down through the drying process. It didn't seem to make a difference when I tried it so I just leave them standing up in a pot.

After the grass is dry, cut the stems to the right height, and arrange them in the vase you will be eventually displaying them in. The last step is to add a protective coating on it. I have read tutorials that use hair spray for this purpose which is one option. I decided to use something a little more heavy-duty so I went with a Lacquer spray. Fan out the grass before you spray them because once the Lacquer is sprayed, they will not move.

Here is the finished Pampas grass on my entryway console and also a little sneak peek into the upcoming Entryway makeover!

So far I have not been able to find any artificial Pampas Grass that can compare to the real deal. Besides, preserving it is so simple! Why would you want to buy artificial ones?

Disclaimer: As an Amazon affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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