Dramatic black bathroom reveal!

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

Bathroom renovations can be a daunting task for the most seasoned DIYers. When I started working on our home renovations, I naively decided that this would be the first room I would tackle. It did prove to be a challenging project but well worth it in the end and if a DIY newbie like me can do it, so can you!

Here are some before pictures.



As you can see from these pictures, the room was functional but did not feel like the oasis I wanted to create for myself to unwind in everyday. And so began a makeover journey that look several more weeks and a lot more learning than I had anticipated but the end results was well worth it.

So here are some After pictures.


Time required: 2 days

Cost of paint and supplies: 100$

I have always been very adventurous with color so when I first saw this room I knew I wanted to create a darker look. So off I went in search of the darkest of dark colors I could find and I came back with the Tricorn Black. This was the most dark luscious blacks ever and it created the most amazing depth in a small bathroom. Conventional design teaches us to never use dark colors in small spaces since it can make the room look smaller, but in my opinion this does not hold true if you put in good lighting. Also, if you want to go with a dark wall color, offset it with a lighter color on the floor.


Time required: 1 day

Cost of tiles: 180$

Although the black and white tile floors were in decent condition I wanted a more gothic and dramatic tile design. I found the kind of designs I was looking for from FloorPops. The best part about these tiles is that they are peel and stick and can be cut using a regular utility knife. My biggest doubt when I bought these was whether they would be able to hold up to the moisture in a bathroom. I am happy to report that we have had these tiles for over 2 years now and they hold up amazingly well to water and moisture in the bathroom.

The exact tiles we used were

For a more finished look I added a peel and stick trim around the base of the sink pedestal and toilet.


Time required: 1 day

Cost of fixtures: 157$

There were some fixtures in the bathroom that were worth saving, such as the tub faucet but were just the wrong color. More on this in the next section! However, some of the fixtures such as the faucets on the pedestal sink were beyond repair so they had to be replaced. We went with these gorgeous oil rubbed bronze fixtures that we managed to install ourselves saving a bunch of money on hiring a plumber. These faucets were 157$ when we bought them but at the time of publishing this post they were available for just 88.84$ using the link below.


Time required: 2 days (due to drying times between coats of paint)

Cost of paint and supplies: ~30$

To make this project more affordable we decided not to replace the fixtures on the bathtub. These fixtures however were a chrome colored mess that did not go well with the beautiful oil rubbed bronze faucets and needed desperate rescuing. So I rescued them the easiest way I could - PAINT! Painting bathroom fixtures needs a little more care to make them durable. I started by using some steel wool to scuff up the fixtures. Then I turned the bathtub into a crime scene by covering everything except the faucets themselves with plastic. Of course, you could make your life easier and take off the faucets to spray paint but to be perfectly honest I didn't know how to. Next you need to prime the faucets. Invest in a good primer like the rustoleum automotive primer. You'll thank me later for this! I followed the directions on the primer can for the wait times. Next comes the best part - paint. I used oil rubbed bronze paint from rustoleum to match the other fixtures we installed. Lastly you need to protect your handiwork with a good top coat such as the Rustoleum Lacquer. I know it sounds like a lot but I have not had a single paint chip come off in 2 years so it was well worth the trouble!


Time required: 1 days

Cost of paint and supplies: ~10$

The light fixture in this bathroom had outdated shades and was again a chrome color. I considered switching it out but then realized that I did not possess the electrical skills to do so and did not want to hire an electrician at this point to stay in budget. So I turned to my trusty old friend again - spray paint. More specifically the most amazing copper spray paint on the market right now in my opinion - Rustoleum bright coat. I just took off the old shades, spray painted the fixture copper and added some Edison light bulbs. To complete the look I also added a thrifted mirror and an old frame that I spray painted using the same copper paint.


Time required: 1 day

Cost of shelves and decor: ~100$

This is the most fun part of the entire project because it is what brings the entire room together. I put up a wall shelf I found in HomeGoods and added colors using faux plants and sea shells I had collected over the years from various vacations. This is the time to add that unique style to each room that makes it more you.

Total cost of project: ~577$

Total time required: 5 days (Some of projects were done in parallel such as installing tiles and fixtures in between coats of paint)

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