DIY wall clock

Hi Everyone! Today's DIY is a quick one but an awesome one - A DIY wall clock!

This DIY requires very minimal materials:

1. A wooden circle for the base - I used a 10-inch birch wood circle from Amazon. But this is very customizable if you want to use a different wood to match your furniture and décor. Another interesting option would be to use a tree slice instead like the one below.

2. Clock kit - There are so many options for clock kits online and they are pretty affordable. I picked mine based on the color scheme since I needed a red clock kit. One thing to keep in mind is that your clock arms should fit the wooden circle. For instance, the longest arm in the clock kit I purchased was 5 inches, since the wooden circle I used was 10 inches.

3. Acrylic paints - I like using Arteza Acrylic Paints but you could use any acrylic paint you have lying around.

Sooooo, in my excitement to do this DIY, I kind of forgot to take step pictures. However, I will attempt to use my words to describe it in detail.

Step #1: Drill hole

The first thing you want to do is mark the center of your circle and drill a hole through it. This is where the clock mechanism will be installed. The drill bit size will depend on the clock kit you buy. I would also use a sanding block or some sandpaper and lightly sand down around the hole as well as any other rough spots on the wood.

Step #2: Paint!

This is where you let your creativity run loose! You could look up DIY wall clocks on Pinterest if you feel like you need some inspiration. I just painted the clock free-hand and kept improvising as I went along. Also, the best part about using acrylic paint is that you can paint over it again if you are not satisfied.

Step #3: Install the clock kit

All clock kits come with instructions for installation. This does not require any tools. All you need to do is insert the clock mechanism through the hole you drilled and attach the arms from the front face of the clock.

If you happened to read my Bohemian Living Room blog last week, you will see this clock on the wall above the entertainment center.

Since we moved into our new rental apartment, this clock now has a new home in my Yoga corner. I hope you'll give this DIY a try!

Disclaimer: As an Amazon affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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