Cozy Living Room Makeover

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Hi everyone! Over the last few months, I have shared several room makeovers with you'll as I redid our home one room at a time. This living room makeover will conclude this series. A little life update before we move on - we are moving across the country to sunny San Diego! I'm back to living in a rental apartment, and you can expect several renter-friendly home updates and DIY's coming up. But before that, let's bring this room makeover series to a close with one last makeover.

Let's take a peek at what the room used to look like:


Here is the room now.


This living room makeover took a while to come together, mainly because I was working with an existing black couch that I did not want to get rid of, and I had to come up with a mood board to tie it in with the existing beige walls in this room.

My basic theme was Bohemian, so I decided to bring in natural tones, which would be a stark contrast from the black pleather couch. To do this, I incorporated warm terracotta color accents such as the curtains, the throw on the couch, and the Moroccan poufs. To bring in a more bohemian look, I picked a grey and white rug from HomeGoods which pulled the room together. I also found this amazing cushion cover set that tied up the warmer orange and brown tones of the room with the cooler black and white tones.

For decor, I went for a mix of thrifted, purchased, and DIY'ed options. I found all my baskets and wicker boxes for the tv console at a local TJ Maxx but I have added links to similar ones on Amazon. Some of the pieces on the entryway above the front door were thrifted, the paintings were heirlooms, while I DIY'ed some such as the dry flower art and the yarn wall hanging. The wall clock above the television console was also DIY. Keep an eye out for tutorials for all of these in the upcoming blogs!

I honestly think we have spent more time in this room, than any other room in our house and I absolutely love how it turned out!

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