Coastal Boho Mini-Wall Hanging

Hi Guys! This week's blog is about creating a beautiful coastal bohemian wall hanging! Wall hangings can be very versatile home décor pieces. You can use them to introduce a dash of color into a room or some warmth and texture.

Over the last few blogs, I have been sharing my home office makeover, which included a coastal accent wall with a pegboard for storage. After setting up the pegboard, I felt like it needed a little more texture to make it look more inviting. Since the pegboard is so small I was not able to find wall hangings that were small enough for it. It did however give me the idea of creating a mini wall hanging for small spaces, which I thought might be a fun DIY for you'll too.

So first things first, we need some sort of a base to hang the wall hanging. You could use a dowel, or a branch, or in this case I decided to use a piece of drift wood I had found a while ago on the beach. I love bringing in a little bit of nature into the home by using natural materials like driftwood. Just make sure to clean it well so that it doesn't bring any critters into the house.

I tied a piece of jute rope on either side of the branch to create a loop from which the entire wall hanging would hang on the peg board. Another option I really like are these leather loops that I will link below. You could hang two of them with a dowel hanging in between them.

The next step is to gather the materials you would like to use for the wall hanging. I usually just bring a whole bunch of colors and materials and then improvise as I go along. So here are all the materials I started out with, various colors of thick wool, jute, raffia, and a sea shell necklace.

I used a very basic larks head knot to thread the materials around the driftwood. I will put the directions for a larks head knot below.

Over the next few images, you can see the progression of the wall hanging. I added all the materials using the lark's head knot.

I added some Raffia next to make it look a little more natural. Raffia can be a little unruly and difficult to work with so I decided to braid it to keep it from unravelling over time.

I then added some more colors into the mix with a beige wool that I also braided to add some more intricacy to the wall hanging. Lastly I looped the seashell necklace onto the driftwood to bring the coastal vibe.

The last step is to hang the wall hanging and trim the ends to the height you want. So here is the final wall hanging on its pegboard in the office. It might evolve over time, if I feel like adding more layers to it but I'm happy with it for now. :)

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