Bohemian Family Room Makeover

The first time I walked into my current home was at an open house. I remember walking into the family room and observing another couple there talking about this room and rejecting the house on the basis that this room was too outdated. However, when I looked at this room, all I saw was potential. Potential to create a relaxing fireplace oasis.

This is what the family room looked like when we purchased the house.

Here is the room after I had completed all of my projects.

There are a lot of projects in this room that I will put in separate blogs so I can give all the details. This blog will give you an overview of all the DIY projects.

Project #1: Paint the walls

Painting the walls is the simplest way to brighten up a room. Just switching for the beige/yellow color to a lighter grey made the room seem a lot brighter. The exact color we picked was Light French Grey by Sherwin Williams. I also added a Teal accent wall to bring more color into the room and highlight the fireplace.

Project #2: Fireplace makeover

This was a massive undertaking that took up a lot of my weekends but was worth it because it suddenly brought the room alive. Brick can have a lot of charm in certain rooms but in this case, along with the antique looking floor, it was making the whole room feel a little out-of-date. I will put out a whole blog on this project soon but just as a sneak peek this included repainting the brick as well as redoing the fireplace door. This was a project that needed a lot more research since everything needed to be able to sustain the heat from a functional wood-burning fireplace.

Project #3: Paint the wood panels

Wood paneling was very popular a few decades ago, but I felt like it was contributing to the outdated feel of the room. The wood panels in this room had a dark stain and also had several knots in the wood as you can see in the 'Before' picture. So I decided that before I painted these they would need a coat of primer. The primer I tend to use most of the time is the Kilz multi-surface latex primer. One coat of this primer was enough to cover most of the wood panel surface although I did go over a second time over the knots which seemed to bleed through the first layer of primer. Following the priming, I then went over with a coat of Sherwin Williams bright white. Also, as a side note, its a good idea to use a semi-gloss or gloss finish for wood paneling and trims. Firstly, this brightens up the room and secondly its easier to clean.

Project #4: Create a cozy seating area

When I thought of the ideal seating for this room, I envisioned a cozy nook where we could curl up with a book in front of the fireplace. The traditional couch seating didn't fit this vision or the bohemian feel I was looking for so I borrowed from my Indian roots and decided to put in a futon. I ordered a Queen size futon off Amazon and covered it with a yellow comforter cover I found at Ikea. The yellow cover balanced the teal wall and red floors beautifully. I also added some jute lighting over the futon, a rug and a pink dream-catcher from HomeGoods to round off the look. The table is an up-cycled old Ikea table. I will add a separate blog on how I up-cycled this table.

Also, as an added bonus, my fur babies seem to think the futon is a giant pet bed for them. Here is Suki the cat lounging in the family room. :) :) :)

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog and it gave you some ideas for your own home! :)

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